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BNB Offering Hospitality Supplies Makeover!

BNB Offering Hospitality Supplies Makeover!

Many hotels are facing inventory issues and are unable to manage their hospitality supplies. A grey area is still present in the mind of the hotel managements on which products to include in them in their inventory and which products should be excluded. BnB supplies proudly offers makeovers of hospitality supplies in Gold Coast inventory. We know what is best for you and what can be best for you. Our market intelligence team helps us know your customers deeply, allowing us to cater your needs in a much efficient and better way. 

BnB Supplies – Company Profile: 

BnB Supplies is famous vendor company located in Melbourne, that provides end to end solution for all your hospitality needs. It is one stop solution for all the hotels to fill in all their empty inventories with some of the most amazing and authentic hospitality products. We at BnB, offer a wide range of hotel products that cater all your needs. Along with that, we also cater guest houses and Air BnB clients. 

Our some of the most famous product ranges include, crockery, glassware, luggage handling, towels and bathrobes, beverages, detergents and guest facilities and services. 

BnB supplies has a range of high quality products that suits your Hotel’s standard and clientele’s demands and needs. We supply end to end supplies solution for your hotel needs and take care of everything, from sales to after sales. Our business believes in environmental good being and sustainability, hence our products are 100% environmentally compliant and sustainable. 


Exclusive Makeover Product Line: 

  1. Toilet Paper and Tissue Paper 
  2. Hotel Accessories. 
  3. House Keeping 
  4. Melamine & Polycarbonate 
  5. Cutlery Crockery 
  6. Appliances 
  7. Glassware 
  8. Luxury Guest Amenities. 
  9. Hotel Linen & Hotel Towels. 
  10. Food & Beverages. 


BnB supplies have been in operating in this segment for many years.  Resonating a substantial experience in the field of hotel and tourism, BnB supplies have the pleasure of advising and directing many hotels and their management on what to opt for their customers and what they could use to attract them and make them feel satisfied, enhancing their vacation experience.  

To make your clients vacation experience more interesting and pleasurable, BnB supplies also deals in delivering high end luxury products for their special clients for example, Armani, Hermes, Jacobs, Gucci & many more, as per the client’s demand and needs. We at BnB, guarantees originality and genuineness of the all the products being supplied by company, directly being purchased or routed through the company warehouses and salespersons.